food delivery lockers

Heated lockers for office food delivery. Designed to interact with riders (e.g. Deliveroo, Glovo, Just Eat...)

food delivery lockers deliveroo just eat glovo

Food delivery at office made easy

  • Don't interrupt your meetings or tasks when rider arrives
    Riders will leave your meal in the locker instead of calling you.
  • Avoid delays, order in advance
    Oder your meal before lunch time when nobody does (e.g. at 11 am) and make Rider Lockers™ keep it warm till lunch time.
  • Don't eat alone, pick and eat together with colleagues
    Making different orders arrive at the same time is impossible. With Rider Lockers you can order when you want and pick / eat together with your colleagues.
  • Save reception from riders
    In case of unavailability of the recipient (meeting? phone call?) riders won't bother anymore the receptionist.
  • Contact free deliveries
    Avoid any contact between riders and employees. If you need more safety, using the pass through version, you can make riders deliver outside the company building, keeping picking inside.
  • Self storage (deliver to yourself)
    Do you bring your own food from home? Make our food lockers keep it warm till lunch time.

Easy to use

rider lockers delivery code

Book your locker

In the Rider Lockers™ app, book your locker choosing the right temperature (ambient or hot +65 °C / 150 °F).

food delivery app lockers

Delivery by rider


Once you have booked your locker, your name will be published in the today delivery list. When the rider taps on your name, your locker will be opened.


Get notified


You are immediately notified (push notification, SMS, email) that your meal is ready for picking.

food lockers pick code

Pick it


Tap the open button and your locker will unlock. Buon appetito!

Deliver any food bag or lunch box

Rider Lockers can be used for any kind of food package, from the classic McDonald'd bags to biggest pizza boxes.
Lockers for mc donalds kfc
Normal size

Ideal for food boxes and food bags, like Mc Donald's bags or KFC bags. Suitable for the paper food bags standard (8x4x12 inch)

Locker internal dimensions:
- WIDTH: 31 cm / 12,2 in
- DEPTH: 31 cm / 12,2 in
- HEIGHT: 31 cm / 12,2 in

hot lockers for pizza
Pizza size

Ideal for flat pizza boxes. You can stack up to 4 pizza boxes per locker. Suitable even for the largest pizza boxes.

Locker internal dimensions:
- WIDTH: 42 cm / 16,5 in
- DEPTH: 42 cm / 16,5 in
- HEIGHT: 20,7 cm / 8,1 in

Plug and play

Minimum impact on company organization


Join locker columns

Position the food lockers on a flat surface and power the station. Internet connection is automatically activated through the preinstalled SIM card.

Invite your employees

Invite your employees to join the service. They will do the rest: registration, booking, taking the food.

Keep it clean

Some cleaning activities  are required on weekly basis.  

... and keep everything under control

food lockers alarm dashboard internet

Rider Lockers are connected to the Internet. Through your dashboard you can monitor field conditions (e.g lockers’ temperature, ambient temperature, doors left open), review the order status (delivered, picked, returned) and remotely control lockers, for example unlock a door.

Rider Lockers also have SMS/email alarms:
- food not picked
- wrong target temperature
- door left open
- over booking limit reached


pass through food lockers

Pass through


Security issues? Covid restrictions? In this case it may be useful to keep deliveries outside, while keeping picking inside. Our pass through food lockers can be embedded in a front window, in order to keep riders outside while keeping picking inside.

food lockers pos

Control unit with POS (point of sale)


Rider Lockers can be transformed in a hot food vending machine adding the POS (Point Of Sale) module. The POS module comes with a on-screen food menu, with videos, photos and descriptions, enabling users to choose their meal.


Rent a locker

€ 21/month

per locker (1 locker = 1 door)
Equivalent to € 0,96 per delivery

  • Lockers
  • Control unit
  • App
  • Remote assistance
  • Full service
Buy a column

€ 2520

per single column of 5 lockers
Equivalent to € 390 per locker

  • Lockers
  • Control unit
  • App
  • Remote assistance
  • 1 year full service


Yes, you can use Rider Food Lockers to keep your own food bag hot till lunch time. You just have to book your locker in order to be able to deliver your bag to yourself.

If an employee doesn't pick up the lunch within two hours after the delivery, our system will trigger a second notification via email and SMS. If this is not enough, our system will alert your locker manager, the person who is in charge to keep food lockers clean. Alert is triggered at 4.30 pm, or any other preferred time. Together with the alert, the locker manager will receive the code to open the right locker.

Yes, when you book your locker you are asked to choose between two temperature options: ambient or heated. Then our system will assign you a locker with the chosen temperature. Rider Lockers adopt the selective heating technology: each locker can be heated independently of each other.

Rider Lockers will be available on Spring 2021

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Rider Lockers is  an Italian company with consolidated know how in heated and refrigerated lockers. Products designed by our engineers are used in big companies like Astra Zeneca, Ducati, Generali Assicurazioni, Jaguar Land Rover.

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